How to run a Z/OS Mainframe on Windows

zOS logon screen

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my z/OS login screen
my z/OS login screen


I run a z/OS Mainframe on my Personal Computer having Windows.

This tutorial will guide you on how you can do it too. Just follow along.


Step 1: Download and install “Hercules Emulator” using the link :


Step 2: Download Configuration file for Hercules using the link : Hercules configuration file


Step 3: Copy the configuration file inside the hercules installation folder. (Installation folder is generally C:\Program files\hercules………). Overwrite if the file already exists.


Step 4: Now download the Z/OS using the link :  ZOS 1.10

Use applications like utorrent, Vuze to download. The total download size is over 16 GB, so be patient.


Step 5: Copy the ZOS files inside the hercules installation folder(C:\Program files\hercules…….) and rename the ZOS folder to “cckd”.



————*****  CONGRATS !!!! You have installed a working Mainframe on your PC  ******——-




Now lets IPL this Mainframe.(*IPL in Mainframe Terminology means booting up a system. So IPL a mainframe literally means booting up a Mainframe)


Step 6: Download a free 3270 emulator software such as ZoC and install it : Download link for ZoC 


Step 7: Now Run the “hercules.exe” and then press escape key.


Step 7: Press “L” then press “F” to boot the Zos. It will take around 5-7 minutes to boot.


Step 8: Open two 3270 terminal and connect to the below address on both:

ip address :  localhost

port :  3270

connection type : Telnet (IPv4 only)


After sometime one of the terminal will ask for a command enter:  r 00, i

Now enjoy running a Mainframe on your PC.

Login Username of the system is “IBMUSER” and password is “SYS1


NOTE: This release of Zos does not contain CICS. Everythinge else works fine.

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